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Learn. Grow. Be Healthy.

At Distinctive Dental Solutions, we first work with you to discover your unique dental goals and then establish a master plan to advance these goals toward lasting health. In doing this, we grow a relationship that allows you to feel fully informed, involved, and committed to your dental health plan. This is the distinctive difference. Allow us to be a pro-active partner in your dental care and we promise to protect your healthy smile.

Distinctive Goals

Our goal is to redefine your expectation of how dental care should be delivered. The core of the DDS approach to dental care is education and individualized attention and treatment planning. We invite you to be an active, knowledgeable participant in your care, and by first understanding your unique goals, we believe we can form a partnership to provide you with the proper education and tools to maintain lasting health.

Making Your Goals a Reality

DDS has dedicated time, talent, and effort into ensuring we offer a variety of options to help our patients reach their dental health goals. Because we decide together the amount and type of dentistry that is right for you based on your goals - we are also able to provide a plan that can be phased over time to achieve those goals. Our financial coordinator will sit down with you, listen to your needs, and work together with you on a financial plan that allows you to feel comfortable with this investment in your health.

I was always fearful of the dentist as a child. Therefore, as an adult, although my treatment plan may have appeared extensive at first, Dr. Bologna and his team were able to individualize it to me. To my mouth, my time, my finances. Everything about my care at DDS has been individualized, and I am happy to say their attention to my dental health has positively impacted what I expect from myself and other physicians regarding my overall health. All this from a dentist – yes! Let DDS help you. You will not regret it.

Diane, Crown Point