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Dental Hygiene

Not Just Clean Teeth — Individualized, Whole Body Health

Dental hygiene and cleanings are not one size fits all. Our hygiene team takes an individualized approach to your care, starting with understanding your current level of overall and oral health.

At DDS, we use an objective tracking system to help learn about your unique needs and build a plan to help you achieve your dental health goals. This plan includes monitoring your progress and modifying your plan based on any changing needs.

Whether it is helping our patients establish better hygiene habits and techniques — or fully delving into such things as health history, medications, diet, and lifestyle to discover possible oral health obstacles — our caring hygiene professionals have the expertise and experience to treat a variety of needs.

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It was nice to walk out with a completed crown, knowing I could eat immediately. With the temporary crown, there was always a risk that it would come off before the final crown was ready.

Bob W.